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As a dog and horse owner myself, I know that important moments pass in an instant. My mission is to capture these moments for you, the joys of everyday life, the beauty of success, the last moments before the big departure.... So that you can cherish them deep in your heart forever

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My story


To know myself better and discover  how I became a pet photographer, I'm sharing a little part of my story with you. I was born on a farm surrounded by all the animals a farm could have and I was lucky to have learned from my parents how to approach animals. From this experience I developed a deep passion for horses which were at the heart of our lives. This passion quickly became a way of life and it was from this passion for horses, breeding and training them that I discovered photography. Breeding horses taught me how to take good conformation photos for sale and training horses gave me the knowledge to see and understand when to capture the athleticism of the animal at its best to take superb photos in action and then use them to promote our equine breeding. After taking photos of our own breeding for a few years, I decided to deepen my technical knowledge in photography at the IP Photography Institute and obtained my certification. Today I am very happy to share my time in two jobs that I love, breeding our horses and pet photography and I realize every day that my experience with animals greatly helps me to be a good pet photographer.

 So with that I wish you a nice visit to my site and I look forward to meeting you and having fun with you!!!

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